Donor Levels & Benefits

At every donation level, Antaeus supporters have come together to build something unique and wonderful. On our stage and in our Black Box, great actors share extraordinary, timeless works of theater with a growing audience of enthusiastic audiences. None of this would be possible without the inspiring support of our community!

In recognition of our gratitude, we offer a variety of benefits to thank our supporters for their generosity and care. You can support Antaeus with a one-time, or sustaining monthly gift of any amount, or choose from one of the following giving levels:​​​​​​​

$100 +

  • Donors are acknowledged on the Antaeus website and in all programs.
  • And, donors have early access to reserve tickets.

$500 +

  • All of the above, plus special invitations for events.

$1,000 +

  • All of the above, plus special invitations for private events otherwise reserved for Director’s & Producer’s Circle Members.

$1,500 +

  • Director’s Circle donors receive all Stage Crew benefits, and in addition are invited to special events.
  • Director’s Circle donors receive two tickets to our invitation-only Opening Night performances and private cast parties.

$2,500 +

  • Donors are invited to join us for our annual celebration dinner.

$5,000 +

  • Donors receive invitations to intimate events with artists.
  • Donors also receive two additional tickets (for a total of four) to all invitation-only Opening Night performances and cast parties.

$15,000 +


  • Producer’s Circle donors receive all Stage Crew and Director’s Circle benefits, and in addition, will be recognized as a sponsor for their chosen Antaeus production.
  • Sponsors are prominently recognized on the Antaeus website and in the program for the sponsored production.
  • If you sponsor a live production, you’ll receive eight tickets to the invitation-only Opening Night performance and cast party.

$25,000 +


  • Enjoy all the benefits above, plus a private dinner with the Leadership of Antaeus.

What you're Supporting

Antaeus is an actor-driven theater company that explores and produces timely and timeless works, grounded in our passion for the Classics.

We illuminate diverse human experiences through performancetraining and outreach. We believe in the transformative power of live theater.


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Invest in the transformative power of live theater! Antaeus Theater Company is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and we rely on contributions for the majority of our income. Everything we do is made possible by the extraordinary generosity of this community! Donations support the art on and off our stage!

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The Abuelas |   Featuring: Seamus Dever, Luisina Quarleri, Denise Blasor   | Photographer: Jenny Graham
Diana of Dobson’s |   Featuring: Kristen Ariza, Krystel Roche, Cindy Nguyen, Shannon Lee Clair   | Photographer: Geoffrey Wade
Three Days in the Country |   Featuring: Peter Mendoza, Ellis Greer   | Photographer: Geoffrey Wade
The Hothouse |   Featuring: Jocelyn Towne, John Apicella, Peter Van Norden, Rob Nagle, Paul Eiding, JD Cullum, Graham Hamilton   | Photographer: Geoffrey Wade