Arts Education at Antaeus

We are thrilled to partner with the Glendale Educational Foundation and Glendale Unified School District for our arts education program. During our 2023/24 Season, we piloted a new program with GEF to provide free Student Matinees to students in the GUSD for our productions of SHE and The Winter’s Tale.

We welcomed local students to experience the excitement of live, professional theater, and providing context and background through study guides, preparatory lessons with Teaching Artists, and post-show discussions with the artists in our productions.

We look forward to working with GEF and GUSD to bring theater to students in Glendale during our 2024/25 Season! 

The Abuelas |   Featuring: Seamus Dever, Luisina Quarleri, Denise Blasor   | Photographer: Jenny Graham