The Zip Code Plays
Season Two


Join us again as we celebrate the culture and history of LA with six new original audio plays, written by Playwrights Lab members and recorded by Antaeus Actors. All six plays are now available at no cost. You can listen here on our website, or on your favorite podcast platform.

The Zip Code Plays Series is generously sponsored in part by:

The Michael J. Connell Foundation

Press from Season one


the Zip Code Plays Season Two:

$10 and a Tambourine

Written By: Mildred Inez Lewis
Directed By: Gigi Bermingham
Sponsored by:
Arlene Vidor

Brunch, Interrupted

Written By: Sean Abley
Directed By: Michael A. Shepperd
Sponsored by:
Reba & Geoffrey Thomas

The Vig

Written By: Paula Cizmar
Directed By: Bernadette Speakes
Sponsored by:
Rosemary A. Hernandez

Gold & Shine

Written By: Khari Wyatt
Directed By: Saundra McClain
Sponsored by:
Ruth Eliel & Bill Cooney

End of the Line

Written By: Peppur Chambers
Directed By: Gregg T. Daniel
Sponsored by:
April Webster

Bingo Bitches

Written By: Elizabeth Wong
Directed By: Jennifer Chang
Sponsored by:
Sonja Berggren & Patrick Seaver

Creative Team

Series Host – Ramón de Ocampo
Audio Producer – Jeff Gardner
Original Music – Ellen Mandel
Production Stage Manager – Taylor Anne Cullen
Audio Editor – Diego Tapia

Photographer: Martin Adams on Unsplash

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