Our Donors

Everything we do at Antaeus is made possible by the generosity of our community. We are profoundly grateful to these individuals and institutions for their inspiring support.

Antaeus is a unique community — a company of dedicated artists illuminating the human experience through performance, training and outreach, rooted in values of creative freedom and artistic excellence. From the extraordinary performances on our stage, to the specialized training offered in our Academy, the exciting new work developed in our New Classics Initiative, and the inspiration our teaching artists share with the community through Arts Education partnerships, none of this would be possible without the generous support of our donors.

If you have questions, or if you’d like to make a pledge, arrange a recurring gift, or inform us about a planned gift, contact Producing Executive Director, Ana Rose O’Halloran, at anarose@antaeus.org or 818.506.5436.

Donations Given Between December 1, 2022 and December 15, 2023

The Producer’s Circle ensures we are never limited in our artistic pursuits on our stage. This group believes in sustained excellence and allows Antaeus to produce plays no matter the cast size or production needs.

$50,000 +

Kiki & David Gindler
Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture
Perenchio Foundation

$25,000 +

The Ahmanson Foundation
Sonja Berggren & Patrick Seaver
The Michael J. Connell Foundation
The David Lee Foundation
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
The Shubert Foundation
State of California

$15,000 +

Rosemary A. Hernandez
Los Angeles New Play Project
National Endowment for the Arts
Jocelyn Towne & Simon Helberg
Mary Jo & David Volk

The Director’s Circle is a distinguished group of theater lovers who provide general operating support to Antaeus. In recognition of this support, they receive invitations to special events with Antaeus’ artists.

$10,000 +

The Green Foundation
Scott Fraser & Cathy Jurca
Remembering Melinda Peterson - Charles Moed
Debra Thompson & Lawrence Riff

$5,000 +

Bill Brochtrup
Community Foundation of the Verdugos
Evie & John DiCiaccio
Ruth Eliel & Bill Cooney
Glendale Educational Foundation
J Robin Groves+
Mary Lambert
Suzy Moser
Molly Munger & Steve English
Anthony J. Oncidi
Melinda Peterson & Philip Proctor+
Amy Proctor & Lloyd Roberson II
Dan Putman
Jaye Scholl & Charlie Bohlen+
Laura A. Seigle
Joan Pirkle Smith & Kurtwood Smith
Arlene Vidor
Belinda & Jack Walker
April Webster

$2,500 +

Tony Shaloub & Brooke Adams
Steven Warheit & Jean Christensen
Bruce & Valerie Merritt
Michael Morrell
Richard Nathan+
Cara Robertson
Jennifer & Matthew Rowland
R. Scott Thompson
Wendy & Peter Van Norden
Karen Malina White

$1,500 +

Amy Aquino & Drew McCoy
F. K. Conner Baldwin
Gigi Bermingham
Loraine Despres & Carleton Eastlake
Dawn Didawick & Harry Groener+
Jeanie Fiskin
Matthew Goldsby
Paul M Holmes+
Susan & Robert Long
Kitty McNamee & Paul Lazarus
Ana Rose & Grant O’Halloran+
Michael R. Oppenheim
Gwynne & Robert Pine+
Amelia White & Geoffrey Wade
Willow Cabin Productions

Stage Crew donors provide vital support that makes it possible to produce great plays, and bring students to the theater through our arts education programs.

$1,000 +

Carol Bahoric & Myron Meisel
Kathy Baker & Steve Robman
Robert Leventer & Jenna Blaustein
The Caplin Foundation
Dee Danner
Paul Eiding
Patricia & Richard Hughes
Kahn Education Foundation
Jack & Maureen Kolosky
Dakin Matthews & Anne McNaughton
Dan Oliverio+
Clarissa Park
Deborah E. Reed
Robert Ronus
Ned Schmidtke+
In Dakin’s Honor
Larry Title & Ellen Shavelson

$500 +

Robert C. Anderson
Joni & Miles Benickes
Eileen Boyd
Anne Gee Byrd
Stephanie & Dennis Cohen
Felicia Davis & Eric Gutshall
Andrew R. DeMar Family Foundation
Paula Devine
Kathleen & James Drummy
Barbara Durham+
Drs. Marjorie Marks Fond & Richard Z. Fond
Dr. Jerome Hunt & Alvin Ford Jr.
Leslie & Robert Gordon+
Anthony & Alizon Harris
Melanie L. Hayes+
Mark & Janice Kaspersen
Bill & Priscilla Kennedy
Al Latham & Elaine Kramer
Daniel Castellaneta & Deborah Lacusta
Elaine Lockhart-Mummery
Selwyn & Laura Oskowitz
Timothy & Jeanne Sakata Patterson
From the Family of Melinda Peterson
Ellen K. Rentz
George & Carolyn Seitz
Liza Seneca
In Honor of Dakin Matthews
Kitty Swink & Armin Shimerman
Drs. Ligia & William Toutant
Patty Woo & Steven Poretzky
Richard Yaffe

$100 +

John Achorn
Kathleen Ross-Allee & John Allee
Heather Allyn & Rob Nagle+
Polly & Jamie Anderson
Annet Arakelian
Pier Charlene Avirom & David Avirom
Mary & Perry Bankston
David Barkowitz
Ron, Elayne, Krysten Bittner and Chris Ruiz
Joan Borgman & John Apicella+
Amy Borgman & Michael Fiorillo
Mark Bramhall
Steven & Devon Brand
Kaite Brandt+
Marie Pal-Brown & Garrett M Brown
In Memory of Melinda Peterson
Bill Butler+
Elisa & Eric Callow
Chancy Memorial Foundation
Karen Chiella+
Jacqueline Chooljian
Nanci Christopher
Karen Constine
Jake & Leslie Crabtree
JD Cullum
Diana Daves & John McLaughlin
Martha Demson
Bronwen Denton-Davis
Pete & Julie Gutman Dickinson
Marni Farmer
In Memory - Melinda Peterson
James Freed
Rob Friedman
Bill Frischman
Barbara & Frederick Gable
Olga Garay-English+
Joshua Gitelson
Carlotta Glackin
Kevin Goetz
Susan Gosden
Howard Gradet
Gretchen & Richard Grant
Geoff Griffith
Allen Grogan
Michael Barker & Heidi Hanson+
Jeanette & Warren Harkins
Beverly Higginson
Shannon Holt
Katie Hotchkiss+
Merrilee & Marty Howard
Carol Howell
Kevin Hudnell
Sheila & Milton Hyman Foundation
Freya & Mark Ivener
Kamran Izadpanah
Tom Jacobson & Ramone Muñoz
Peter & Dixie Johnson
Andrew F. Johnson
Alice & Sam Johnston+
Ann Jopling
Denise & David Kautter
Kimberly Kehoe+
Marshall F. Kramer
Emily Kuroda & Alberto Isaac
Bonnie & Jim Lambert
The Lanzafame Family+
Steven Llanusa
Victor & Anna Luke
Robert Machray
Jill Maglione & Paul Van Dorpe
Fred Manaster
Kipp Marcus
Abigail Marks+
Tony Amendola & Judith Marx
Dr. Jeffrey Gale & Ms. Julane Marx
Anna Mathias
Patricia Mayer
Tulis McCall
In honor of Jack and Belinda Walker and Family
Philip McKinley
The Millikan Family+
Marlene F. Mills
Elyse Mirto
Kerry Mohnike+
In Memory of Melinda Peterson
Arianne Neumark
Allen Newcomb
Nancy Niederman
Devon O’Brien+
Gregg & Debbie Oppenheimer, In Memory of Melinda Peterson
In Memory of Melinda Peterson
Penny Peyser & Doug McIntyre
Deborah Podus
Patricia Poet
Anna Quirino-Miranda
Gustavo Herrera & Cristina Ramirez
Richard Reinhart
Bianca & Lance Rucker
Christine Sanders
John Schuning & Gregory Ross+
Ruth & David Seigle
Steven Seliger
Cordelia & Sidney Sherland
John & Judy Sherman
Stephanie Shroyer
John & Juliana Sloan+
Margaret & David Sloan
Adam J. Smith
Peter James Smith
Christopher John Smith
Patricia & Lawrence Sparks
Zane Stanley
Nadya Starr
Elizabeth Swain
Elizabeth & Steven Swink
Eileen T’Kaye & David Bischoff
Lori & Marcelo Tubert
Dale E. Turner
Connie & Ivan Vance
E. J. von Schoff
Laurie & Stanley Whitcomb
Pat & Paul Willson
In Memory of Melinda Peterson

* Donations given in support of our Arts Education programs
+ Indicates monthly sustaining donor

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Cloud 9 |   Featuring: Adam J. Smith, Gigi Bermingham   | Photographer: Karianne Flaathen
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