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About the Playwrights Lab

The Antaeus Playwrights Lab provides an intimate, creative space for Los Angeles playwrights to explore new plays, with the support of wonderful Antaeus actors. We believe that the playwrights should have the creative freedom and feel empowered to drive their own artistic process to develop these new plays. Our annual LAB RESULTS reading festival offers our audience the opportunity to see these new works for the first time.

In the 2019/20 season, two new plays developed in our Lab, The Abuelas by Stephanie Alison Walker, and Eight Nights by Jennifer Maisel, were fully produced as part of our main subscription season, sponsored by a grant from the Michael J. Connell Foundation.

By programming new voices we believe will stand the test of time alongside classic plays, we  highlight the rich sense of language and storytelling they share and further our commitment to making classical theater more open and inclusive.

Coronavirus Update: When we suspended activities in early 2020, weekly Playwrights Lab meetings moved to an online video conference platform, where they have continued. We are grateful to be able to support such meaningful work during this challenging and uncertain time.

In the Lab

Sean Abley
Nayna Agrawal
Alex Alpharaoh
Terence Anthony
Stephen Apostolina
Barbara Beery
Jennifer Berry
Diana Burbano
Jami Brandli
Peppur Chambers
Paula Cizmar
Doug Cooney
Jihan Crowther
Angela J. Davis
Kevin Delin
Matthew Doherty
Natalie Nicole Dressel
Jeanette Farr-Harkins
Alan Freeman
Cyndy Fujikawa
Alex Goldberg
Franky Gonzalez
Deborah Hiett
Dan Hirsch
Aja Houston
Christina Hjelm
Karen Howes
Karen Huie
Julianne Jigour
Jonathan Josephson
Luis Kelly-Duarte
Lisa Kenner-Grissom
Carolyn Kras
Mildred Inez Lewis
Ali MacLean
Jennifer Maisel
Anna Mathias
Dakin Matthews
Robert Menna
Alison Minami
Ed Napier
Ann Noble
Devon O’Brien
Tira Palmquist
Chandler Patton
Jennifer Rowland
Eric Rudnick
Jeanne Sakata
Steve Serpas
Steve Shade
Lori Tubert
Sarah Tuft
Stephanie Alison Walker
Ashley Rose Wellman
Elizabeth Wong
Khari Wyatt
Marlow Wyatt

Intriguing theatre is always just around the corner at the Kiki and David Gindler Performing
Arts Center

Bill Reese

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|   Featured Actors:
Seamus Dever, Luisina Quarleri, Denise Blasor   |
Photographer: Jenny Graham
|   Featured Actors:
Zoe Yale, Karen Malina White   |
Photographer: Jenny Graham

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