The Zip Code Plays

90303: Inglewood

The Vig

Directed By: Bernadette Speakes
Episode Available: May 20, 2021

Hollywood Park Racetrack is about to close its doors forever, but that doesn’t stop new-to-town Lina from searching for a long lost relative — with nothing but a yellowing polaroid and an old tip sheet.  The odds for the future are long in this look at the dreams that drive people to reinvent themselves in the City of Angels.


Ellis Greer – Lina
Keiana Richàrd – Sunny
Don McManus – Gio

* This podcast was recorded under a SAG-AFTRA Collective Bargaining Agreement

Creative Team:

Series Host – Ramón de Ocampo
Audio Producer – Jeff Gardner
Original Music – Ellen Mandel
Audio Editor – Adam Macias

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