Company Projects

Projects Led by Company Members

As an actor-driven theater, we are devoted to the ongoing development and growth of our Company members by providing opportunities for artistic development and process work. Ongoing Company-led initiatives, including Classic Sundays, The Antaeus Project and Second Wednesdays, create space for deeper exploration of the classical canon.

“Classic Sundays” is a monthly reading series of classic plays curated and performed by our company members in our Black Box space. Now approaching its third year, the “Classic Sundays” series allows actors and audiences the opportunity to explore great works beyond the four fully-staged productions that make up our annual subscription season. This landmark reading series has proven very popular, selling out every month since its 2018 debut.

“The Antaeus Project” gives our actors an outlet to explore the language, history, context and intent of a play over several months, with the hope of gaining a deeper understanding of the playwright and the world created in the play. 

“Second Wednesdays” is a monthly, Company-initiated table reading series mining connections between classic plays and current events. 

The Abuelas |   Featuring: Seamus Dever, Luisina Quarleri, Denise Blasor   | Photographer: Jenny Graham
American Tales |   Featuring: Peter Van Norden   |