New Classics Initiative

As an artist-driven theater, we believe in the power and importance of storytellers. They are the architects of culture and windows to our history. Great theater demands varying ideas and perspectives. The purpose of the New Classics Initiative (NCI) is to nurture an inclusive generation of writers, supporting the creation of extraordinary new plays that will stand the test of time.

Our NCI includes the Playwrights Lab, LAB RESULTS, and The Zip Code Plays.

In addition to the programs below, we’re now finalizing plans for an ambitious and exciting new NCI project, with details to be announced in Spring 2021!

Playwrights Lab

The Playwrights Lab provides an intimate, creative space for Los Angeles playwrights to explore new plays, with the support of wonderful Antaeus actors.

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Lab Results

This annual reading festival offers our audience the opportunity to see new works developed in the Playwrights Lab.

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The Zip Code Plays

Celebrate the culture and history of LA neighborhoods from the safety of your home with The Zip Code Plays, a new series of original plays written by Playwrights Lab members and recorded by Antaeus Actors. All the plays are available for free on our website and on all major podcast apps.

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When it comes to gifted performers, Antaeus has an embarrassment of riches.

F. Kathleen Foley, LA Times

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|   Featured Actors:
Marlow Wyatt   |
|   Featured Actors:
Irene De Bari, Luisina Quarleri   |
Photographer: Jenny Graham

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