Women Beware Women

Antaeus Black Box

Written by: Thomas Middleton, Adapted by John Allee
Directed by: John Allee

Bianca is a young Venetian “from parents great in wealth” who elopes with the poor Leantio, a Florentine. She soon draws the attention of the Duke of Florence, who attempts to woo her with the help of the widow Livia. Meanwhile, Livia’s brother is tormented because he is in love with their niece. In a society where the worst excesses of unbridled desires reign, what will befall them all?

Middleton was a collaborator of Shakespeare’s who wrote in a wide variety of genres and who had his work performed on a greater variety of stages than anyone of the period. Women Beware Women is considered to be one of his masterpieces.


Sam Peurach

Servants, Gentlemen, Hymen

Production Team

John Allee

Adapted by

Thomas Middleton

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