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Playwrights Lab Series


The Antaeus Playwrights Lab supports a select group of award-winning, mid-career writers as they develop the classics of the future. The Lab incubates new works that provide compelling roles for actors, and creates a nurturing and supportive artistic community. We’re proud to be able to produce a weekend of staged readings this fall.  Purchase a package to receive discounted tickets and early access to premium seating.

Each $20 subscription to the playwrights lab series includes a ticket to two Antaeus Playwrights Lab readings in our 2018/19 season. These readings will be on Saturday, September 29 & Sunday, September 30.

1. Unbound  by Steve Apostolina & Along The River, Almost Winter by Paula Cizmar

2. Mayor of the 85th Floor by Alex Goldberg & Eight Nights by Jennifer Maisel

3. Regular Joes by Jennifer Rowland and Abuelas by Stephanie Alison Walker