Help us raise money for our new home by classily insulting your friends!

To help bring awareness of our Play On! Capital Campaign and our Kickstarter campaign, we decided to challenge
our company members and friends to come up with the best Shakespeare insults, film themselves, and call out a friend or two. You can join as well!

Choose an Insult

Type "Shakespeare Insult" into your favorite web browser and pick your favorite insult

Choose Your Friends

Pick the friends you want to challenge in your #ShakespeareInsultChallenge

Make Your Video

Sample Text:
I donated to the Antaeus Theatre Company's Kickstarter campaign! And if you don’t, you’re a (insert Shakespearean Insult). This is the #ShakespeareInsultChallenge. Make a video, make a donation, spread the word! I challenge (say your friends' names or challenge all of your friends). For more info, go to PlayOn.info.

Share Your Video

Make sure to tag your friends and Antaeus in the text! And don't forget to include #ShakespeareInsultChallenge and #playon so we can see your video!

Sample Hashtags:

  • #ShakespeareInsultChallenge
  • #playon
  • #antaeustheatre
  • #lathtr
  • #shakespeare
  • #theatre