You Can’t Take It With You

Written by George Kaufman and Moss Hart
Directed by Gigi Bermingham


Written by George Kaufman & Moss Hart
Directed by Gigi Bermingham


Find out who’s really crazy when a pair of lovebirds bring their mismatched families together in Kaufman and Hart’s classic screwball comedy. The delightfully mad Sycamores celebrate independence, freedom from convention and merry mayhem, while the exacting Kirbys believe in rules, hard work and rigid organization.

When young Alice Sycamore falls in love with Tony Kirby, the two families are forced to sort out their differences and ultimately determine what’s really important in life. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and adapted into an Academy Award-winning film, You Can’t Take It With You has been a perennial favorite for more than 70 years.


Creative Team

Scenic Design: Tom Buderwitz
Costume Design: A. Jeffrey Schoenberg
Lighting Design: Jeremy Pivnick
Sound Design: Jeff Gardner
Property Design: Heather Ho
Stage Manager: Gil Tordjman



  • Ed Carmichael
    Michael Hyland
  • Essie Carmichael
    Linda Park
  • Mr. De Pinna
    Jeremy Guskin
  • Donald
    John Wesley
  • Grand Duchess Olga Katrina/Mrs. Kirby
    Amelia White
  • Henderson/Mac
    Patrick Wenk-Wolff
  • Jim (2nd Man)
    David Glassert
  • Mr. Kirby
    Josh Clark
  • Tony Kirby
    Jeremy Glazer
  • Boris Kolenkhov
    Jacob Sidney
  • Rheba
    Karen Malina White
  • Alice Sycamore
    Lizzie Zerebko
  • Paul Sycamore
    Marcelo Tubert
  • Penelope Sycamore
    Eve Gordon
  • Gay Wellington
    Janellen Steininger
  • Martin Vanderhof
    Joe Ruskin