Uncle Vanya

Written by Anton Chekhov
Directed by Robin Larsen

Adapted by Annie Baker
Working with a literal translation by Margarita Shalina and the original Russian text

With sparkling humor and unflinching humanity, Chekhov spins a playful yarn around thwarted hopes and misplaced dreams as a warm reminder that “it is always in season for old men to learn” and that Coming of Age is not just for the young, merely the young at heart.

“A BRILLIANT MOUNTING… incredible cast… top-notch production elements… Antaeus, ya did it again!” — Gil Kaan, Broadwayworld


“…a SHARP EXECUTION of midlife drift… sensitively directed… fresh and relatable… the tone hovers in a mysterious territory between tragedy and comedy, where laughter is always mixed with tears.” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times


“Profound! Visceral! Terribly Powerful! DON’T MISS THIS ONE!” –Anthony Burns, Opening the Curtain, KCRW


“achingly brilliant… EXQUISITE ” — Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes


“…a MASTERFUL production… Antaeus’ ensemble cast is FLAWLESS and CAPTIVATING… one of the most impactful and phenomenal evenings of theatre that I have ever witnessed.” — Barbra Dillon, Fanboy Comics


“PULSES WITH 21st CENTURY URGENCY… Robin Larsen’s lively staging reveals the humor… Annie Baker’s contemporary translation lends warmth and relevance to the language.” — Jenny Lower, LA Weekly


“HIGHLY REFRESHING… Every bit of this production hails an uncomplicated grace upon the story, from direction, to actors, to set design and the added musical elements that make this production ABSOLUTELY SPECIAL.” — Tracey Paleo, Gia on the Move


“TIMELESS… every aspect of the production was FIRST RATE… I do love Antaeus” — Erin Conley, On Stage and Screen



John Allee*, Paul Baird*, Andrew Borba*, Anne Gee Byrd*, Shannon Lee Clair*, Mimi Cozzens*, Dawn Didawick*, Harry Groener*, Arye Gross*, Morlan Higgins*,  Don R. McManus*, Lynn Milgrim*, Rebecca Mozo*, Jeffrey Nordling*, Linda Park*, Lawrence Pressman*, Rebekah Tripp*, Clay Wilcox*

*member, Actor’s Equity Association, the union of professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States






  • Serebryakov
    Lawrence Pressman
  • Yelena
    Linda Park
  • Sonya
    Rebekah Tripp
  • Maria
    Anne Gee Byrd
  • Vanya
    Don R. McManus
  • Astrov
    Jeffrey Nordling
  • Telegin
    Morlan Higgins
  • Marina
    Lynn Milgrim
  • Yefim
    Paul Baird