The Man Who Had All the Luck


A Fable by Arthur Miller

Director/Producer: Dan Fields
Producer: Christopher Lore
Executive Producers for Antaeus: Dakin Matthews & John Apicella
Antaeus Coordinator: Paul Gutrecht
Assistant Director: Adam LeBow


Creative Team

Composer: Chris Ward
Set Design: Katherine Ferwerda
Costume Design: Dean Cameron
Lighting Design: Matthew O’Donnell
Sound Design: Robbin E. Broad
Dramaturg: Elizabeth Bennett
Hair & Make-up Design: Joyce Littrell
Featured Guitarist: John Solomon
Stage Manager: Joanne Wolfe
Production Stage Manager: Sarah Cathcart
Production Supervisor: Julie Segovia Rowland
Production Intern: Katie Morgan

In this production, most roles are shared and played by at least two actors through the run of the show. We cast and rehearse with actors sharing roles in order to ensure the best possible performance no matter what combination of film or TV jobs, sickness, and misadventure occurs.

The Man Who Had All The Luck ensemble includes actors who have primary responsibility for their role, actors who are equally sharing their role with another, and actors ready to step into roles as needed.


    Team B

  • J.B. Feller
    John Apicella
  • Shory
    Mitch Carter
  • J.B. Feller
    John Combs
  • Aunt Belle
    Dawn Didawick
  • Amos Beeves
    Mark Doerr
  • Pat Beeves
    Paul Eiding
  • Shory
    Terry Evans
  • Augie Belfast
    L.L. Ginter
  • David Beeves
    Paul Gutrecht
  • Hester Falk
    Tamara Krinsky
  • Augie Belfast
    Dakin Matthews
  • David Beeves, Amos Beeves
    Bill Mendieta
  • Aunt Belle
    Melinda Peterson
  • Pat Beeves
    Philip Proctor
  • Andrew Falk
    Nicholas Saunders
  • Gustav Eberson
    Marcelo Tubert
  • Dan Dibble
    Peter Van Norden
  • Dan Dibble
    Geoffrey Wade
  • Hester Falk
    Kellie Waymire
  • Gustav Eberson
    Tegan West