The Malcontent


Written by John Marston
Directed by Elizabeth Swain

Marston’s viciously funny Jacobean masterpiece. The true Duke of Genoa has lost his throne to the usurper Pietro. The Duke returns to court the disguise of Malevole: a professional cynic who castigates the corruptions of the greedy, sex-mad, politically fickle court, to regain his rightful office (and his wife!) Resonating with echoes of Measure for Measure and Hamlet, Marston’s tragicomedy is a fabulous study of intrigue, lust and betrayal.


Creative Team

Properties Design: Heather Ho
Stage Manager: Ritchard Druther
Assistant Stage Manager: Tamara Williams
Choreographer: Heather Allyn
Fight Choreographer: Rick Sordolet
Graphic Design: Mila Sterling


    Team B

  • Malevole
    Bo Foxworth
  • Mendoza
    Adrian LaTourelle
  • Pietro
    Mark Doerr
  • Bilioso
    Paul Willson
  • Celso
    Joe Holt
  • Ferneze
    Adam Meyer
  • Ferrardo/Mercury
    Jim Kane
  • Equato/Captain
    Buck Zachary
  • Prepasso
    Jason Thomas
  • Aurelia
    Laura Wernette
  • Maquerelle
    Lynn Milgrim
  • Emilia
    Abby Wilde
  • Bianca
    Marisol Ramirez
  • Maria
    Devon Sorvari