The Little Foxes

Lillian Hellman’s dark tale of greed, deceit and betrayal is the story of a family in crisis. Set in the Deep South of 1900 where women have scant options and men seem to hold all the power, Regina Giddens will stop at nothing — even blackmail — to wrest the family business away from her scheming brothers.


Kristin Couture, John DeMita*, Judy Louise Johnson, Mike McShane*, Rob Nagle*, Calvin Picou, Deborah Puette*, Jocelyn Towne*, Timothy Adam Venable*, William L. Warren



  • Regina Hubbard Giddens
    Deborah Puette
  • Birdie Hubbard
    Jocelyn Towne
  • Horace Giddens
    John DeMita
  • William Marshall
    Timothy Adam Venable
  • Benjamin Hubbard
    Mike McShane
  • Leo Hubbard
    Calvin Picou
  • Cal
    William L. Warren
  • Addie
    Judy Louise Johnson
  • Oscar Hubbard
    Rob Nagle
  • Alexandra Giddens
    Kristin Couture