The Curse of Oedipus

Written by Kenneth Cavander
Directed by Casey Stangl

World Premiere

A curse lies upon the land of Thebes and its ill-fated rulers—Oedipus the King, Jocasta the Queen, Creon the high counselor—a curse that reiterates generation upon generation.

The suffering of the people provides a battleground where the gods Apollo and Dionysus contend for power over the mortal realm. Author Kenneth Cavander, director Casey Stangl, and the actors of Antaeus Company have distilled the legends of three generations into a single evening of drama, telling the story of a land and people caught in a web of pride and self-destruction.






  • Apollo
    Barry Creyton
  • Dionysus
    Stoney Westmoreland
  • Creon
    Tony Amendola
  • Oedipus
    Terrell Tilford
  • Jocasta
    Eve Gordon
  • Teiresias
    Bernard K. Addison
  • Antigone
    Kwana Martinez
  • Ismene
    Lindsay LaVanchy
  • Haimon
    Adam J. Smith
  • Polyneices
    J.B. Waterman
  • Eteocles
    Douglas Dickerman
  • Theseus
    Jonathon Lamer
  • Chorus 1
    Ned Schmidtke
  • Chorus 3
    Rafael Goldstein
  • Chorus 4
    Christopher Clowers
  • Chorus 5
    Reba Waters Thomas
  • Chorus 6
    Susan Boyd Joyce
  • Chorus 7
    Desiree Mee Jung
  • Chorus 8
    Sylvie Mae Baldwin / Keri Safran
  • Drummer
    Adam Meyer