The Crucible

Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Armin Shimerman and Geoffrey Wade

Arthur Miller’s parable draws a chilling parallel between the Salem witch trials of 1692 and subsequent generations of American mass hysteria – up to the present. Through this savage tale of one small community’s too effortless descent into superstition and paranoia, Miller explores in frightening detail what can happen when fear clouds fact and blame replaces reason.

Creative Team

Scenic Design: Stephen Gifford
Costume Design: E.B. Brooks
Lighting Design: Bosco Flanagan
Sound Design: Jeff Gardner



  • Reverend Samuel Parris
    Joe Delafield
  • Betty Parris
    Eva Beebe
  • Tituba/ Judge Hathorne
    Marcia Battise
  • Abigail Williams
    Kate Maher Hyland
  • Ann Putnam/ Sarah Goode
    Lily Knight
  • Thomas Putnam
    Stephen Mendel
  • Mercy Lewis
    Rachel B. Needleman
  • Mary Warren
    Shannon Lee Clair
  • John Proctor
    Christopher Guilmet
  • Rebecca Nurse
    Fran Bennett
  • Giles Corey
    Steve Hofvendahl
  • Reverend John Hale
    John Prosky
  • Elizabeth Proctor
    Devon Sorvari
  • Francis Nurse
    Joseph Ruskin
  • Ezekiel Cheever
    R. Scott Thompson
  • Marshal Herrick
    Aaron Lyons
  • Dep. Governor Danforth
    Reba Waters Thomas