The Autumn Garden


Written by Lillian Hellman
Directed by Larry Biederman

The end of summer on the Gulf of Mexico, 1949. Friends, fractured families, and tired lovers gather, as they do every year, at Constance Tuckerman’s family home. This year, an old flame’s visit casts a harsh light on their illusions. Silly and heartbreaking, Hellman’s last and greatest play evokes Chekhov’s neurotic and tragic characters, and explores the great art of living together—including all the many ways “people change and forget to tell each other.”


Creative Team

Scenic Design: Tom Buderwitz
Lights:John Eckert
Stage Manager: Ritz Gray
Props Design: Jen Prince
Costumes: Tina Haatanian Jones
Sound: John Zalewski
Producer: Young Ji


    Team B

  • Rose Griggs
    Faye Grant
  • Mrs. Mary Ellis
    Dawn Didawick
  • General Benjamin Griggs
    James Sutorius
  • Edward Crossman
    Stoney Westmoreland
  • Frederick Ellis
    Josh Zuckerman
  • Carrie Ellis
    Jeanie Hackett
  • Sophie Tuckerman
    Jeanne Syquia
  • Constance Tuckerman
    Lily Knight
  • Nicholas Denery
    Jeffrey Nordling
  • Nina Denery
    Kitty Swink
  • Hilda
    Reba Waters Thomas