Peace In Our Time


Written by Noël Coward
Directed by Casey Stangl
Adaptation by Barry Creyton

This mind-bending play, written by a master playwright at his devilish best, poses a most intriguing and terrifying question – What if the Nazis had won the Battle of Britain? Written in 1946, the play takes place in a South London pub with a diverse cast of characters – writers, artists, young members of the resistance, working-class Brits and of course, officers of the Third Reich. It presents a curious and fascinating look at London in the 1940s.

Antaeus Theatre Company is proud to present the U.S. premiere of a new adaptation of Noël Coward’s Peace in Our Time by ensemble member Barry Creyton, who has inventively woven some of the playwright’s brilliant patriotic war songs and some of his lesser known ballads into the play. These distinctive ditties with his incisive and wickedly ironic lyrics give the piece an authentically “British” sensibility which seems to capture even more fully “the intrinsic character of a nation” to which Coward referred. With the full support of the Noël Coward Foundation, Antaeus has been developing this piece for the last two years and is proud to present a full production, double cast, as is Antaeus’ long-followed practice, making a full company of 46 actors!

Peace in Our Time is wonderfully funny, yet darkly thought provoking. Given the current state of world events, the production asks the same question of us now that it did originally: Will there ever be peace in our time?

Creative Team

Scenic Designer: Tom Buderwitz
Costume Designer: Jessica Olson
Lighting Designer: Jeremy Pivnick
Sound Design: John Zalewski
Musical Director: Richard Levinson
Property Design: Heather Ho
Stage Manager: Lara E. Nall


    Team B

  • Piano Player
    Richard Levinson
  • Lyia Viven
    Rebecca Mozo
  • Fred Shattock
    Steve Hofvendahl
  • Mr. Grainger
    Philip Proctor
  • Nora Shattock
    Lily Knight
  • Mrs. Grainger
    Amelia White
  • George Bourne
    Christopher Guilmet
  • Chorley Bannister
    JD Cullum
  • Doris Shattock
    Abby Wilde
  • Alfie Blake
    Buck Zachary
  • Lily Blake
    Zoe Perry
  • Alma Boughton
    Ann Noble
  • Janet Braid
    Rebekah Tripp
  • Albrecht Richter
    Rob Nagle
  • Phyllis Mere
    Rosalyn Mitchell
  • Bobby Paxton/A2 Gestapo
    Jesse Sharp
  • Gladys Mott
    Joanna Strapp
  • Soldier
    Adam Meyer
  • Kurt Foster/A1 Gestapo
    Patrick Wenk-Wolff
  • Dr. Venning
    Peter Larney
  • Stevie Shattock
    Brian Tichnell
  • Mrs. Massiter
    Melinda Peterson