Master Class: Shakespeare’s Rhetoric

Moderated by Armin Shimerman
Saturday, October 26
1:00 – 5:00pm
$65 Tuition

Shakespeare got your head shaking? Armin Shimerman’s masterclass offers a new understanding of the world’s greatestplaywright by illuminating his language. In this class, students will learn the fundamental principles of Elizabethan writing – rhetoric – as a basis for mastering the Bard’s complexities and providing tools for actors to communicate the subtleties of the language. But this class is not just for actors! Professor Shimerman (The USC School of Drama) delves into the social mores of Shakespeare’s time period including religion, politics, class hierarchy, and ethics. Students swear that one class with Professor Shimerman taught them more about Shakespeare than all their years in high school and college, and many of his former students have gone on to work in Shakespeare productions or teach the Bard themselves.

If Shakespeare has been a stumbling block for you, this masterclass is the Rosetta Stone to unlock his mysteries.