Legal Briefs

The Will
Written by J.M. Barrie
Directed by Anne McNaughton

Divorce Court Hell
Written by Miguel de Cervantes
Directed by Emily Chase

Trial by Jury
Written by W.S. Gilbert
Composer: Arthur Sullivan
Musical Director: Jan Powell

The Ambulance Chaser
Written by Billy K. Wells
Directed by Michael Clark Haney

Legal Briefs
Lyricist Ken Stone
Music by Jan Powell
Choreography by Robin D. Lucas

Creative Team

Executive Producer: John Apicella
Executive Producer: Dakin Matthews
Costume Design: Dean Cameron
Producer, Set Designer, Technical Director: Terry Evans
Lighting Design: Peter Strauss
Composer: Jan Powell
Stage Manager: Alex Jacobson
Assistant Stage Manager: Katie Morgan


    Team B

  • The Nurse, Gilda Slackmeister, Plaintiff's Posse
    Rhonda Aldrich
  • The Patient, Surtees, Juror
    John Apicella
  • Deputy, Plaintiff's Posse
    Gigi Bermingham
  • The Plaintiff
    Emily Chase
  • Robert Devizes, Foreman of the Jury
    John Combs
  • Emily Ross
    Francia DiMase
  • Tommy Lee, Juror
    Terry Evans
  • Emily Ross, Plaintiff's Posse
    Jennifer Gatti
  • Serenader, Juror
    Javier Grajeda
  • Defendant's Astrologer
    Emily Johnson
  • Creed, Juror
    Ben Kamine
  • Chas Markham, Attorney-at-Law, Juror
    Jens Köhler
  • Singing Lawyer, The Nurse, Deputy
    Anna Mathias
  • Divorce Court Hell Bailiff, Juror
    Bill Mendieta
  • Singing Lawyer, Simon, Defendant
    Richard Miro
  • Plaintiff's Posse
    Holly Mitchell
  • Philip Ross
    Jeffrey Nordling
  • Muriel Fogey, Juror
    Melinda Peterson
  • The Lawyer, Devizes Senior
    Lawrence Pressman
  • Vern, The Judge
    Philip Proctor
  • Divorce Court Judge, Plaintiff's Counsel, Plaintiff's Posse
    Janellen Steininger
  • Serenader, Sennet, Plaintiff's Counsel, Plaintiff's Posse
    Karen Stone
  • Plaintiff's Posse
    Stephanie Stephenson
  • Wanda, Plaintiff's Posse
    Amy Tolsky
  • Doc, Juror
    Marcelo Tubert
  • Crysta Axle, Plaintiff's Posse
    Katy Tyszkiewicz