LAB RESULTS 2018/2019

Saturday, September 29

11:00 am

Along The River, Almost Winter 

by Paula Cizmar

directed by Stephanie Shroyer

Perdita knows something is off in her life and she longs to know what happened to her mother in this update of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.  Set along the Sacramento River Delta during the time of the Gold Rush, Along the River, Almost Winter is a journey from betrayal to forgiveness — told from the point of view of a bear.

1:30 pm

The Abuelas

by Stephanie Alison Walker

directed by Eli Gonda

Gabriela is an Argentine concert cellist living a good life in Chicago with her American husband and adjusting to life as a new mom until a visit from two strangers upends everything. The Abuelas explores the long and devastating repercussions of Argentina’s military dictatorship from 1976-1983, and the heart’s capacity for forgiveness even in the face of the harshest betrayal.

4:00 pm

Mayor of the 85th Floor

by Alex Goldberg

directed by Asaad Kelada

Inspired by the Tower of David Building in Caracas, Venezuela, which was left unfinished and became home to thousands of squatters, Mayor of the 85th Floor is a dystopian tale about a young woman who is one of hundreds of squatters living in the Empire State Building in the near future. This play explores what happens to a city irreparably damaged by storms and financial ruin, and how the people in this environment survive after our government no longer has the resources to take care of its own.

6:30 pm

Regular Joes 

by Jennifer Rowland

directed by Jonathan Lynn

Nineteen year-old Josie Ricks adores her father, Joe Ricks; he’s a great guy. And that’s why she’ll stand with him, along with her mother and brothers, when he announces his candidacy for the Senate. But when Josie’s childhood friend implicates Joe in a compromising sexual encounter, Josie starts to see her father in ways she never did before. Regular Joes is the private, family drama behind a public sex scandal.

Sunday, September 30

12:00 pm


by Steve Apostolina

directed by Jennifer Chambers

Paroled after 33 years, Carlotta yearns for a quiet life of redemption. Never fully recovered from his family’s murder, 33 years ago, Elton seeks justice. The two shall meet.

2:00 pm

Eight Nights 

by Jennifer Maisel

directed by Emily Chase

The lives that inhabit an apartment from 1949 to 2016. A young refugee woman who is finally free to start anew in the United States tries to vanquish the past that haunts her, alongside her father, husband, friends, daughter and granddaughter.