King Lear

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Bart DeLorenzo

An ageing monarch, a kingdom broken and a family lost to love. The blindness of sanity and the clear-eyed vision of fools and lunatics… fathers, sons and daughters, drenched in the storm of life.


Creative Team

Scenic Design: Tom Buderwitz
Lighting Design: Lap Chi Chu
Costume Deign: A. Jeffrey Schoenberg
Sound Design: John Zalewski
Producer: Young Ji
Production Stage Manager: Deirdre Murphy


    Team B

  • King Lear
    Dakin Matthews
  • Edgar
    John Sloan
  • Edmund
    Seamus Dever
  • Gloucester
    Norman Snow
  • Goneril
    Kirsten Potter
  • Regan
    Francia DiMase
  • Cordelia
    Tessa Thompson
  • Fool
    JD Cullum
  • Kent
    Morlan Higgins
  • Albany
    Thomas Vincent Kelly
  • Cornwall
    Adrian LaTourelle
  • Oswald
    Drew Doyle
  • France/1st Servant
    Jeff Thomas Gardner
  • Burgundy & Others
    John Francis O’Brien
  • First Knight
    Jeremy Shouldis
  • Gloucester's Servant
    Paige Wilson
  • Doctor
    Bruce Green