Henry IV, Part One

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Michael Murray

From drunken revelry, to the bloody battlefield, this gripping tale of fathers and sons remains one of Shakespeare’s most exciting histories, and this lean, muscular version dives deep into the heart of that timeless question: What does it mean to become a Man?



  • King Henry
    Joel Swetow
  • Hal
    Michael Kirby
  • Hotspur
    Joe Holt
  • Falstaff
    Stephen Caffrey
  • Lady Percy/First Carrier
    Sally Hughes
  • Westmoreland/Glendower/First Traveler
    Mark Bramhall
  • Northumberland/Bardolph/Chamberlain
    Mitchell Edmonds
  • Poins/Douglas/Aide
    Jesse Gavin
  • Worcester/Sheriff
    Bo Foxworth
  • Gadshill/Lady Mortimer/Messenger
    Danielle Thorpe
  • Quickly/Vernon/Second Traveler
    Rhonda Aldrich
  • Blunt/Mortimer/Peto/Second Carrier
    Jeff Torres