Cousin Bette


Written by Jeffrey Hatcher

Based on the novel by Honoré de Balzac
Directed by Jeanie Hackett

Set on a country estate by a lake in 19th century Russia, this idyllic locale belies the turbulent passions of its inhabitants. The famous actress, Irina Arkadina, returns home with her lover to find a household overflowing with creativity, fantasies of fame, jealousy and unrequited love.

Creative Team

Scenic Design: Tom Buderwitz
Costume Design: A. Jeffrey Schoenberg
Lighting Design: Leigh Allen
Sound Design: Cricket S. Myers
Assistant Directors: Jessica Bard & Allison Henry
Producers: Young Ji & Kitty Swink
Dramaturg: Christopher Breyer
Prop Design: Darcy Prevost & Jen Prince
Music Consultant: Jonathan Sacks
Wig Supervisor: Sarah Hatten
Dialect Coach: Tracy Winters
Graphic Designer: Mila Sterling
Stage Manager: Leia S. Crawford


    Team B

  • Bette Fischer
    Alicia Wollerton
  • Old Fischer
    Paul Willson
  • Hector Hulot
    John Prosky
  • Adeline Hulot
    Emily Chase
  • Hortense Hulot
    Rebecca Mozo
  • Marshal Hulot
    Joseph Ruskin
  • Victor Hulot / M. Marneffe
    Jeremy Shouldis
  • Celestine Hulot/ Valerie's Maid
    Katherine Leigh
  • Wenceslas Steinbock
    Henri Lubatti
  • Valerie Marneffe
    Dana Green
  • M. Crevel
    Mike McShane
  • Demontes
    Mirron Willis
  • Mme Pittou/Josepha/Girl
    Adeye Sahran
  • Adeline's Maid
    Nicol Zanzarella-Giacalone
  • Detective/Agent/Hulot
    Mark Moore
  • Manservant
    Benny Wills