Paul Eiding

Paul has performed in practically every acting medium known. Proscenium stage, to Italian villa, outdoor pageant, to a parking structure doing ‘guerilla’ theatre. Animated series, feature films, radio drama, commercials, roasts, improv, musical comedy, straight plays, web series, and television. A sampling of roles include, a gondolier, a Jewish milkman, a four year old girl, an African, an alien, the first Jewish vampire, an Autobot, and various doctors, forensic pathologists, cab drivers, monks, intellectuals, Colonels, wizards, and judges. aul’s performed in Minneapolis, St Paul, Flint, Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio, and locally, at the Geffen, PRT, The Matrix Theatre, The Odyssey, L.A. Stage Company, L.A. Public Theatre, Pico Playhouse, and and in the record-setting run of Tamara. TV/Film: Grey’s Anatomy, House of Lies, CSI: Miami, ER, West Wing, Drew Carey, Providence, LA Law, Picket Fences, My Name Is Earl, Star Trek: TNG, American Zombie, Wall-E, and Up.