Lindsay LaVanchy

Born & bred in Missouri; currently resides in Koreatown, LA. It was either get into college to study theatre, or move to LA & apprentice at a Tattoo shop & audition. Learned to tattoo after graduation from UCLA: B.A. Theatre, Film, Tv. Regional Theatre: The Muny Opera-St. Louis MO. Los Angeles credits: Antaeus, Boston Court, The Complex, Attic. TV: Castle, Criminal Minds, The Tyler Zone (In Development: w/Danny Pudi), Not So Union (New Media: w/Michael Steger) Film: The Labyrinth (Producer: James Franco), Die Lorelie, Dembanger (*Best Horror Short IFS, Feature in Development), Giorgio Armani short film (*premiered at TIFF), several USC films. Commercials: various incl. Superbowl spots. Music Videos: Bastille, Ryan Jirovec. Workshops: Action Theatre-Berlin, Germany. Linklater- Stromboli, Italy. Agents: KMR, Reign. Manager: Rachel Rothman. Family- to the moon ‘n’ back. Friends- love you like family. O to play a character within a novel by Carl Sagan. II Timothy 2:15.