A Letter From Harry Groener

My name is Harry Groener. You may be familiar with my work in theater, television or film. If you don’t know me, you can search for me online and see that my passion for the arts started in a ballet company in San Francisco and has continued from Broadway to Broadway – Broadway and Brand that is. I am talking about Antaeus Theatre Company which resides in the new Kiki & David Gindler Performing Arts Center in Glendale. I am reaching out to you and encouraging you to support this company that I am so proud to be part of. From the time Dakin Matthews and Lillian Garrett-Groag gathered some L.A. actors together and began the journey from borrowed rooms and fax machines at The Taper Annex to a warehouse, and tiny spaces in NOHO, to our shiny new digs in Glendale, we have pursued preservation of existing classics and the search for new ones.

I am a proud Founding Member. However, in 2004 I had an epiphany regarding my home theater and my relationship to it. My wife Dawn Didawick and I performed in a production of Chekhov x 4 in The Bear and for me it was like coming back to the well. There was a kind of renewal as an artist that reignited my passion for theater and my commitment to Antaeus as an actor and an audience. I wanted to help my company grow and thrive. I get to do that by having the privilege of performing in iconic roles such as King Lear and Big Daddy in last year’s award-winning production of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. I get to do that by serving as a Board Member. I get to do that by being an Ambassador for Antaeus all around the country as I work in other theaters and cities. I get to do that by reaching out to you today to ask you to contribute to a theater company devoted to bringing you world-class theater, to bringing arts and education programs to our community at William Tell Aggeler Opportunity High School, Homeboy Industries, New Village Girls Academy, and Hoover High School, and to training theater artists in our Academy who want to hone the skills necessary to accomplish the tasks that classical theater requires of its actors. I chose well when I put my passion to work for Antaeus.  

I hope you will join me by supporting us as an audience member and as a donor through a contribution today. I do, and I know that my donation is supporting all of the above and more. Give your regards to Broadway and Brand in any way you can by supporting Antaeus Theatre Company.

Harry Groener

Help Us Find the Next Great Classic

Antaeus’ Playwrights Lab is looking for the next great classic, but a great play is not created overnight. A playwright needs a supportive environment where they can question, break apart, and put back together their work again and again. That is why each week, Antaeus actors collaborate with select Los Angeles-based playwrights to develop new work, giving them a rare chance to collaborate in real time.

The playwrights are able to hear their plays read aloud by some of the most talented actors in Los Angeles.
In 2017 alone, the Antaeus Playwrights Lab workshopped over 35 new plays.

Help our Playwrights Lab CREATE essential new work by making a donation today.

Support Antaeus’ Subsidized Ticketing Program

For twenty-six years, Antaeus has provided our artists and audiences with an intimate, mutual exploration of art that inspires positive change in our community. This season, over 13,000 audience members will walk through our doors, but theater is not always accessible to everyone who wants to attend.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience theater that inspires them, which is why 30% of our audiences receive subsidized ticket prices to our shows.
This holiday season, INSPIRE someone by supporting Antaeus’ Subsidized Ticketing Program.

Support Antaeus’ Arts Education Programs

You get to perform, get to do a lot of things
you’re not used to doing, but you get to express
your feelings, what you’re about, what you’ve
been through. You get to take risks and grow.
– Alonzo, Arts Education Student

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to share their voice. Our arts education programs provide learning opportunities to students, educators, and audience members, connecting the essentially human elements in classical texts to today’s issues and ideas.

The vision of this program is to contribute to a community where individuals have access to positive adult role models, and where they learn to recognize the “hero” potential that they each possess using their own writing.

Help us EMPOWER more students through our arts education program in 2018 by making a gift this holiday season.

Antaeus opens 2017/18 season with sexy, scandalous ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’

Sex, revenge, betrayal… let the games begin. Antaeus Theatre Company presents a fully partner-cast production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Christopher Hampton’s Olivier, Evening Standard and New York Drama Critic’s Circle Award-winning adaptation of the scandalous novel by Choderlos de Laclos. Directed by Robin Larsen, Les Liaisons Dangereuses opens on Oct. 26 and Oct. 27 (one opening for each cast), running through Dec. 10 at the Kiki & David Gindler Performing Arts Center in Glendale. Low-priced previews begin on Oct. 19.

Set among the decadent ruling class of pre-revolutionary France, Les Liaisons Dangereuses is a seductive and unsettling tale of sex, deceit, cruelty and the struggle for power in an all-too-recognizable world.

“It’s about people at the top being beyond right and wrong,” says Larsen. “About the moral rot of the social elite and the abuse of power, particularly how the powers-that-be treat women.”

Former lovers, the Marquise de Merteuil (Reiko Aylesworth and Elyse Mirto) and Vicomte de Valmont (Scott Ferrara and Henri Lubatti) now compete in games of seduction and revenge. Merteuil incites Valmont to corrupt the innocent Cécile de Volanges (Chelsea Kurtz and Elizabeth Rian) before her wedding night, but Valmont has targeted the peerlessly virtuous and married Madame de Tourvel (Lindsay LaVanchy and Liza Seneca).

Also in the Antaeus cast are Dylan Jones and Bellina Logan as Madame de Volanges; Anne McNaughton and Lorna Raver as Madame de Rosemonde; Paul Culos and Josh Breslow as the Chevalier Danceny; Nadège August and Ellis Greer as the courtesan, Émilie; Aaron Lyons and Brian Wallace as Azolan; and Paul Stanko and Turner Frankosky as Footman/Major-domo.

According to Antaeus co-artistic directors Bill Brochtrup, Rob Nagle and John Sloan, Hampton initially wrote the play as a comment on the excesses of the 1980s — but it’s time to take another look. “Set in a world where the 1% holds all the cards, it couldn’t be more timely.”

In 1782, Choderlos de Laclos’ novel scandalized the world. Two hundred years later, the Royal Shakespeare Company premiered Hampton’s stage adaption at Stratford-upon-Avon. The production subsequently transferred to London, where it garnered both Olivier and Evening Standard Awards, and then to Broadway, where it received a Tony nomination and won the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Foreign Play. It was revived on Broadway by the Roundabout Theatre Company in 2008, and a 2016 Donmar Warehouse production transferred to Broadway where the limited engagement closed earlier this year. The 1988 film adaptation (Dangerous Liaisons), scripted by Hampton, directed by Stephen Frears, and starring Glenn Close, John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer, won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Antaeus Theatre Company’s award-winning creative team includes set and projections designer Yee Eun Nam, lighting designer Leigh Allen, costume designer Jocelyn Hublau Parker, sound designer Jeff Polunas, props designer Erin Walley, violence designer Ned Mochel, movement designer Heather Allyn, hair designer Jessica Mills and dramaturg Christopher Breyer.

Antaeus is a cooperative theater ensemble founded to empower the actor and to bring classical theater to Southern California. The company exists to create a family of artists and audiences and is dedicated to exploring stories with enduring themes. Taking their company name from the Titan who gained strength by touching the Earth, Antaeus members — many of whom are familiar to film and television audiences — regain their creative strength by returning to the wellspring of their craft: live theater. Members of the company span a wide range of age, ethnicity and experience; they have performed on Broadway, at major regional theaters across the country, in film, television and on local stages, and are the recipients of numerous accolades and awards. Audiences, who never see an understudy due to Antaeus’ trademark “partner casting,” frequently return to see the same play in the hands of an equally excellent but very different set of actors.

The new Kiki & David Gindler Performing Arts Center complements Glendale’s ongoing commitment to integrate vibrant arts space into the fabric of city life, ensuring the arts remain accessible to all. Located just a few blocks away from The Americana at Brand and the newly remodeled Glendale Central Library as well as the Alex Theatre, the center promises to build upon Glendale’s growing reputation as an arts and entertainment destination. The center includes an 80-seat theater, a reconfigurable 45-seat performance/classroom space, a theater classics library and a lobby art gallery. All the artwork on display is available for purchase, and a portion of the proceeds goes to Antaeus Theatre Company.

Performances of Les Liaisons Dangereuses take place Oct. 26 through Dec. 10 on Thursdays and Fridays at 8 pm; Saturdays at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.; and Sundays at 2 p.m. (no matinee performance on Saturday, Oct. 28). Tickets are $30 on Thursdays and Fridays, and $34 on Saturdays and Sundays. Six preview performances take place Oct. 19 through Oct. 25. Preview tickets are priced at $15. Antaeus Theatre Company has partnered with TodayTix, the free mobile ticketing platform, to offer a $5 preview lottery; a limited number of $5 tickets will be made available through the TodayTix app for previews.

The Kiki and David Gindler Performing Arts Center is located at 110 East Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205 (between N. Brand Blvd. and Maryland Ave.). The first 90 minutes of parking is free, then $2 per hour, in Glendale Marketplace garage located at 120 S. Maryland Ave (between Broadway and Harvard). The theater is air-conditioned and wheelchair accessible.

For reservations and information, call 818-506-1983 or go to www.antaeus.org.

The Antaeus Cabaret Soirée

In honor of our upcoming production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, we are excited to announce our next Antaeus music night, The Antaeus Cabaret Soirée on Saturday, September 30th at 8pm. We have an incredible mélange of artists, including French musical acts, clowns, improv, and of course Paul Baird on the Accordion.

Oh, and as usual, FREE BEER! Come, bring friends, get toasty, and enjoy.

RSVP here

Together, We Have Come So Far

Thanks to you, this past year has been one for the books at Antaeus!

This time last year, we had just moved out of our space in North Hollywood while construction on our new theater was underway in Downtown Glendale. Then in March of this year, we were able to move into our new, permanent home, the Kiki & David Gindler Performing Arts Center – something that we had been dreaming of for a long time.

Together, since then we have accomplished so much:

Unveiling our new home with a free, four-day open house welcoming over 500 community members through our doors
Exploring two incredible productions – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and As You Like It – that allowed our artists and audiences to be healed, entertained, and inspired by the power of live theater
Hosting local high school students for a Classical Monologue Competition where they received one-on-one coaching from the best professional actors Los Angeles has to offer
Having the largest turnout in Antaeus’ history for the Antaeus Odyssey Artists Workshop culmination, our flagship arts education program

And, we’ve got even more planned for the coming year – increasing from three to four productions in our season, continuing to create a community for artists through our Academy classes, searching for the next great play in our Playwrights Lab, and encouraging more at-risk youth to share their voice through our arts education programs.

Our fiscal year ends tomorrow, August 31. Please consider making a donation so that Antaeus can continue our important work next year. If you have already donated, thank you for believing in the work we do both on and off our stages.

Looking forward to seeing you at our theater in the next season!


Ana Rose O’Halloran
Executive Director

I Have Found My Artistic Home

I’ve been in Los Angeles for 10 years, working whatever day jobs I could get, while struggling to pursue my passion for great stories — stories that matter, that resonate. But, Los Angeles is not always the easiest place to grow as an artist while also trying to survive (let alone thrive) as a human being. I had been at a desk doing work irrelevant to my passions, my spark of creativity fizzling, and then… I found Antaeus.

In Fall 2016, I took my first two Academy classes — Shakespeare with Elizabeth Swain and Shaw with Armin Shimerman. I could not believe that had found: teachers whose striking passion, intellect, and experience were offered up so lovingly and precisely; students, whose experience and commitment were simply inspiring. I had found a place to grow creatively, both in ways that I had always wanted, and ways that I had never expected. My spark had suddenly caught, and quickly grew into a blaze. In the months since, I’ve taken five more Academy classes.

But, my love for Antaeus is by no means limited to the Academy. The staff is as kind as they are committed and hardworking, the productions are pristine, the membership is a stable of devastating talent, and the outreach is inspirational. I was fortunate enough to attend the Odyssey Artists’ Workshop presentation, where I was reminded that Antaeus isn’t just a place where mindful artists go to connect and explore the classics. It is an organization that understands and employs the most critical function of great storytelling — to inspire positive personal, and thereby, social change. Then, on top of everything else, I was cast as Charles the Wrestler and William in the current production of As You Like It.

There aren’t words of sufficient quality or quantity to accurately describe what this company has come to mean to me, so I will summarize simply: I have found my artistic home. I hope you will consider making a donation to Antaeus so that others might find themselves as renewed and inspired as I have by this incredible company and its critical mission. Thank you, and I hope to see you at the theater soon.

Ben Atkinson

Antaeus Draws Theater Aficionados to Downtown Glendale

My husband and I became serious Antaeus fans after attending a performance of “Peace in Our Time” in 2011. This relatively unknown and rarely produced play by Nöel Coward was thought-provoking and engaging and, above all, highlighted what we have come to realize are the best qualities of Antaeus Theatre Company – uniformly excellent acting from a large-ensemble cast, beautiful sets and costume designs, and careful attention to detail, be it the inclusion of period music or the proper English accent of each character. Since then, we have been regular members of the audience and have never been disappointed.

Imagine our joy, then, to learn that Antaeus was moving to Glendale! In our two decades of living, working and volunteering in the Glendale community it is clear that the cultural scene here is improving, but only slowly. The addition of Antaeus to the cultural mix is an opportunity to place Glendale firmly on the map as more than just a shopping destination. People drawn to Antaeus performances from all over the Los Angeles area will now experience the vibrancy of downtown Glendale, many for the first time. Glendale residents young and old now have theater at their front door.

Antaeus Theatre Company in Glendale is good for us all. I hope that you will join me in making a gift to Antaeus so we can continue to bring the very best theater to the community for many years to come. See you at the theater!

Debra Thompson
Antaeus Board Member

The Magic of a Large Ensemble in an Intimate Space

Photo Credit: Facet Photography

When one and two person shows seem to dominate the theatrical landscape these days, there’s something undeniably thrilling about seeing a big ensemble of talented actors take on large-cast plays that fill up the theater.

When throngs of Greeks circled our stage to the beat of the drums during the first moment of The Curse Of Oedipus, the excitement was palpable. When denizens of the British pub besieged by the Nazis burst into “London Pride” during the finale of Peace In Our Time, audiences leapt to their feet. And when our cast of lovers, clowns, and melancholics escape to the Forest of Arden in our current production of As You Like It, we hope you’ll again be swept away by the singular power of an Antaeus production.

At Antaeus, our commitment to these epic tales is doubled in size by our signature “partner casting.” Instead of just one actor in each role, we cast two equally talented and unique performers. When two actors inhabit the same role with sometimes very different choices, the text — and the entire show — can be illuminated in a fascinating way, and the power of our actors is revealed. And our audiences have the opportunity to witness this magic with an intimate, up-close view.

We’ve noticed that substantial casts in full-bodied productions of Shakespeare, Chekhov, Coward, Miller, Inge — and newer works, too — are becoming more and more rare. If you love theatrical ensemble work as much as we do, please click here to make a donation to Antaeus before our fiscal year ends on August 31.

It is only through your support that we are able to keep bringing these large-cast productions to our stages, reminding us all what the theater was and can still be. Please join us and celebrate our love of big stories, as told by the strongest bench of actors we know!


Bill, John & Rob
Artistic Directors