Classic Sundays History

Classic  Sundays 2018/19

Danites in the Sierras
September 16, 2018
adapted from the 1882 Joaquin Miller play
by John Apicella

Hindle Wakes
November 18, 2018
by Stanley Houghton
directed by Craig Belknap

The Trojan Women
January 20, 2019
by Euripides
translated by Edith Hamilton
directed by Andi Chapman

Henry VI, Part 1
March 17, 2019
by William Shakespeare
directed by Armin Shimerman

Heartbreak House
October 21, 2018
by George Bernard Shaw
directed by Nike Doukas

The Rover
December 16, 2018
by Aphra Behn
directed by Elizabeth Swain

Women Beware Women
February 17, 2019
by Thomas Middleton
directed by John Allee