An Amuse-Bouche of Masters: A Scene Study/Technique Class Threading Three Masters of the Theatre

Class Detail

  • Moderated by Daniel Blinkoff
  • tuesday
  • 2-6pm, June 12-August 14 (10 weeks)

  • Class Fee:
    $450 (Early Bird Discount $400, due by May 29)
  • Class Size:

This 10-week Intensive will focus on Chekhov, Stanislavski, and Earle Gister’s technique of acting developed at The Yale School of Drama. Whether you have a lot of experience with any of these innovators of the theatre, or none at all, it doesn’t matter. Your curiosity and passion is all that is required. Just like the Master’s Program at Yale, we will start exactly where you are and work from there. With a main focus on Chekhov’s plays and short stories, we will focus on The Moscow Art Theatre’s approach to Chekhov, examining Stanislavski’s scene analysis while combining it with the exercises that The Moscow Art Theatre utilizes in interpreting Chekhov’s plays so the actor is no longer thinking about the play but experiencing it in a kinesthetic physical manner. Once this is established, Earle Gister’s technique of acting will be introduced as an aid in releasing the work. Through this scene study, focusing on Chekhov and then possibly bridging out towards more modern texts, the class will experience the common threads between all of these master teachers and how they resonate in all different kinds of texts. This class is an opportunity to strip away our own misconceptions with these three masters of the theatre and to experience their approaches in a positive and beneficial way that we can use today.

Course Instructor

Daniel Blinkoff

Daniel Blinkoff is originally from NYC and is an actor/writer/teacher. He teaches at AMDA in Los Angeles, is a member of the Actor’s Center in New York, and is a Guest Artist with Impro Theatre; performing with them at The Pasadena Playhouse, The Falcon Theatre, and will be appearing with them at the Impro Space in Chekhov Unscripted as well as in Sondheim Unscripted at the Falcon Theatre in September. Daniel has been in more than 20 stage productions at South Coast Repertory since moving to Los Angeles 15 years ago, and he is proud to have been a member of Antaeus for over 10 years of that time. Daniel received his MFA from The Yale School of Drama.