Courses at the Academy

Advanced Improvisation: Looking at the Classics For Inspiration

Moderated by: Mike McShane
Moderated by: Daniel Blinkoff

Monday, 1-5pm, January 28 - April 1 (10 weeks),
Beginning January 28

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Playwriting Intensive (Wait List Only)

Moderated by: Jami Brandli

Monday, 7-10pm, March 18-April 22* (6 weeks),
Beginning March 18

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Mastering Shakespeare (Wait List Only)

Moderated by: Armin Shimerman

Tuesday, 1-5pm, February 19-April 23 (10 weeks),
Beginning February 19

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Under the Veil of Rejoicing: Being Human in the Plays of Strindberg, Chekhov, & Ibsen (Wait List Only)

Moderated by: John Sloan

Tuesday, 7-11pm, March 12-May 28 (12 weeks),
Beginning March 12

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Hope, Fantasy & Self-Deception: Modern Irish Plays

Moderated by: Kitty Swink

Wednesday, 1-5pm, February 13-May 1 (12 weeks),
Beginning February 13

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Kilroys Continued: The Journey to Gender Parity

Moderated by: Rob Nagle

Wednesday, 7-11pm, March 6-June 5 (14 weeks),
Beginning March 6

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Voice, Presence & Classical Text

Moderated by: Scott Ferrara

Thursday, 1-5pm, March 21-May 9 (8 weeks),
Beginning March 21

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Explore, Trust and Relish: A Shakespeare Intensive

Moderated by: Elizabeth Swain

Thursday, 7-11pm, March 14-May 2 (7 weeks)*,
Beginning March 14

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