Courses at the Academy

Running with the Story: Developing the Skills for Long-Form Improvisation (Wait List Only)

Moderated by: Daniel Blinkoff
Moderated by: Mike McShane

Monday, 1-5pm, October 1-December 10* (10 weeks),
Beginning October 1

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Mastering Shakespeare (Wait List Only)

Moderated by: Armin Shimerman

Monday, 1-5pm, September 24-December 10* (10 weeks),
Beginning September 24

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Shakespeare: From Page to Stage (Wait List Only)

Moderated by: Elizabeth Swain

Tuesday, 7-11pm, September 18-December 11* (12 weeks),
Beginning September 18

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Women on the Verge

Moderated by: Ann Noble

Wednesday, 1-5pm, September 26-November 14 (8 weeks),
Beginning September 26

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Gene & Lilly, Tenn & Arthur: The Development of American Realism (Wait List Only)

Moderated by: Rob Nagle

Wednesday, 7-11pm, September 19-December 12* (12 weeks),
Beginning September 19

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Fitzmaurice Voicework

Moderated by: Scott Ferrara

Thursday, 1-5pm, September 27-November 15 (8 weeks),
Beginning September 27

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Mad Genius: Stoppard & Hamlet

Moderated by: Geoffrey Wade

Thursday, 7-11pm, September 20-December 13* (12 weeks),
Beginning September 20

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It’s Alive! The Nuts & Bolts of Acting in New Plays

Moderated by: Emily Chase

Saturday, 10am-2pm, September 15-December 8* (11 weeks/12 sessions),
Beginning September 15

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